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W H A T   N O W ?  // O P E N I N G   T I T L E S

P R O J E C T    B R E A K D O W N

With our help, Kevin’s action comedy tour had set the world ablaze, making history by selling out 53,000 seats at the massive Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. When we heard that his team was filming this performance and turning into a feature, we thought our job was​ done, but the truth was, we were  just getting started.


Due to the tour’s massive success and thanks to our strategic AV partnership, Glassell House was asked to head the​ creative development

of the film’s opening title ​sequence. So we decided to pay tribute to the 

classics, using a Bond-style opening. 


We co-produced what was revered as one of the most dynamic opening title sequences ever made for a stand-up comedy movie.

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