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L O R D  O F  T H E  R I N G S
W A R  I N   T H E  N O R T H

P R O J E C T    B R E A K D O W N

Initially hired to model and texture one of the Orcs used only in the background, by the time I finished I had modeled most of the villains in this trailer. My initial character was suited up with different armors, five different heads, and assorted pieces of clothing so that they all could be mixed and matched to make an army of Orcs. I also modeled and textured the three lead Caster Orcs which are new to this game. Each has different heads, bodies, clothing, and bones that were attached to their helmets to make them unique. Also for the finale of the trailer, I got to model and texture the giant Troll that confronts our heroes.

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