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D I N O S A U R   R E V O L U T I O N // S H O W R E E L

P R O J E C T    B R E A K D O W N

For Dinosaur Revolution I was tasked with leading a team of texture painters in creating close to 200 photo-real dinosaurs in a short time. My tasks included working with the Creative Director and the VFX Supervisor to ensure the quality of the the characters up to the final render process.

FEATURED // Pixologic ZBrush Blog

Zbrush was used extensively throughout this project and as Lead Texture Artist I thought I would breakdown some of the contributions I made using ZBrush on Dinosaur Revolution.  As lead texture artist I was brought in to help create a pipeline that would take the dinosaurs modeled in ZBrush by David Krentz and his modeling team through texturing and shading, and send them off for animation and rendering, insuring quality and functionality.  We looked at other texturing programs, but quickly settled on ZBrush’s Polypainting function to texture our dinosaurs.

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