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C A L L   O F   D U T Y - G H O S T
C I N E M A T I C S   M O N T A G E

P R O J E C T    B R E A K D O W N

The Mill+ crafted an amazing look for the cinematic scenes that make up the game Call of Duty: Ghost. My task as one of the modelers on the project was to tackle a variety of assets, both hard surface and characters. For the intro cinematic title "Ghost Stories" I needed to model posed facial expression for the good and bad guys, which we called 'Death Mask'. Each 'Death Mask' was modeled from start to finish in one days time.

I also modeled a 'up-rezed' hardsurface assets and created environment work as well. The below images show the bulk of my work on the project along with close-up views of the various 'Death Masks'.

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